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January 2. 2013

Scan-Speak news


Press release

Scan-Speak goes Online.

At Scan-Speak we continuously strive to improve and offer even better service and functionality to all our customers. We are therefore pleased to announce that the entire line of loudspeaker units within the Illuminator, Revelator, Classic and Discovery line now can be ordered directly from our online shop at www.scan-speak-store.dk

The initiative is supported by the huge popularity and demand from a number of customers to shop online directly from Scan-Speak and confirms the trend for all well established brands globally.
"We see this as a natural development for strong brands such as Scan-Speak to offer this service in combination with the more traditional sales channels. Scan-Speak wants to be known as a market leader, not only when it comes to high quality loudspeaker units, but also in the way our products are made available to the market. We offer this service to support and strengthen our established network of well established distribution worldwide; says Jan A. Nielsen, CEO."

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