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May 2010

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MAY 2010

Living in a memorable time

It’s safe to say that we’re living in a memorable time. And we’re not only talking about a volcano disrupting air traffic over huge portions of Europe! For us at Scan-Speak, our year has been anything but overshadowed by massive dark clouds.

In the first year since we brought Scan-Speak back into Danish hands, several new products were launched. But even more importantly, we introduced an extremely flexible setup to bring down our lead times. In fact, we can offer lead times of 4-6 weeks, and in some cases, even shorter. This is what we
call a dedicated customer focus.

2010 is a year worth remembering for us on another front as we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of
our company. Since 1970, Scan-Speak has been
one of the world’s driving forces developing exclusive, high-end speaker units, all manufactured in Denmark. After 40 years, we feel better than ever, and are committed to setting the industry’s gold standard for audiophiles.This is our contribution to ensuring that you have the best sounding product on the market.

On the product side, we released a number of new products: from the exceptional Illuminator line to the brand-new Discovery line to a number of individual speaker units. Financially, we’ve been able to maintain a healthy bottom line despite the global recession, unlike numerous other loudspeaker manufacturers. Our customer portfolio has increased with many new customers, and we’ve also welcomed former customers back into the fold.


And finally, we’ve launched the Scan-Speak newsletter in a new design, reflecting our commitment to innovation and high-quality products.


But we’re always interested in hearing from you. So feel free to drop me a line at jan@scan-speak.dk at anytime.
After all, it’s a time worth remembering.


Sincerely yours,
Jan A. Nielsen
Managing Director, CEO


Our leading product line, the Illuminator, has been expanded to include a comprehensive range of tweeters.
12 different models are available, including the already highly respected Beryllium Tweeter D3004/664000.
Joining them are an excellent selection of new Midrange and Midwoofers, recently released in three sizes
and 10 models, from 12 to 18cm (4” – 6½”) . All feature an under-hung motor system with our patented 3rd
generation Symmetrical Drive.



Our newest product line, Discovery offering an unique price/performance ratio. The Discovery drivers all
share a robust design, linear frequency response and high output. Launched during the latest year, its
scope is broad: 27 different models from 25mm (1”) tweeters to 30cm (12”) woofers, with more models still
being added.


We welcome a new 12cm (4”) Illuminator midwoofer: the 12WU/4731T00, featuring a very powerful under-hung neodymium motor system. Of course, it features our patented symmetrical drive technology: a unique one piece cone/dust cap mounted in a low-loss linear suspension, offering an impressive +/10mm excursion.


A new 12cm (4”) midwoofer 12W/8524G00 is being added to the Discovery range. It features a very wide bandwidth to above 10KHz.


With a resonance frequency at 53Hz, it can be employed perfectly as midwoofer in a compact 2-way construction!


The new 15cm (5 ¼”) midrange 15M/4624G00 sets a new benchmark in sound quality for its price range. It offers rich details as well as good excursion behaviour and high sensitivity.  

The aluminium ring in the magnet system ensures low distortion; the phase plug controls dispersion and frequency response, resulting in a very flat response with good dispersion in its operating range.


The new 30cm (10”) woofer, 26W/8534G00, targets world-class performance with responsive bass in low frequencies all the way into the upper midrange. It’s perfect for use in 3-way systems, e.g. combined with the new 15M.




Two new very long stroke subwoofers also arrive with a unique price/performance ratio. The 26W/4558-00 and 30W/4558-00 both feature matching passive radiators. The 26- (10”) and 30cm (12”) subwoofers, respectively, have very high excursion capabilities (X-max 56mm), frequency performance below 20Hz, high power handling, and are optimised for compact cabinet volumes. They are suitable for both active as well as passive constructions.


Great products often get great reviews. We’re proud of these. The Illuminator Beryllium Tweeter D3004/664000 was reviewed by Voice Coil Magazine:

“For those manufacturers who have wanted to field a Beryllium tweeter like some of the highest end system designs in the field, Scan-Speak has come with the best of all possible worlds, the AirCirc motor and a real beryllium dome”


Our new units also made waves in Germany:

German Hobby Hifi wrote:

About D3004/664000:
„Scan-Speaks Berylliumkalotte setzt einen neuen Massstab für Hochtöner, an dem sich ab sofort alle anderen Hochton- Schallwandler messen lassen müssen. Wir kennen zurzeit keinen besseren Hochtöner“


Scan-Speaks Berylliumdome sets a new benchmark for tweeters, on which all other high-frequency transducers must be judged from now on. We currently know no better tweeter.


„Der winziger R2004/602000 bietet herausragende akustische Qualitäten, er ist der perfekte Hochtöner für einen besonders kompakten High-End-Monitor sowie für eine M-T-M-Mitteltoneinheit“


"The tiny R2004/602000 offers outstanding acoustic qualities. It is the perfect driver for a very compact high-end monitor, and for a MTM-midrange unit."




German Klang + Ton wrote about 10F/4424G00:
„Alle Messwerte sind absolut perfekt, das Chassis sehr sauber verarbeitet und in allen Mittel- und Mittelhochtone anwendungen für diese Grössenklasse perfekt einsetzbar. Ein aussergewöhnliches Chassis für Scan-Speak, aber ganz klar auf dem Niveau seiner grossern Mitstreiter aus gleichen Hause“


"All measurements are absolutely perfect. The tweeter is very neatly made and is for this size a perfect choice for all middle- and uppermidtone applications.. An exceptional driver from Scan-Speak, but clearly at the level of its larger colleagues from the same house."



Naturally we’ll be present from May 6-9th at the Munich High-End show, where we’ll introduce several new products! We will be present with engineers, sales and management and have arranged a hotel suite nearby for individual meetings.

If you are interested in a meeting with any of us you are very welcome to send us a note at tbs@scan-speak.dk and we will look forward to see you there.

Another world’s first from Scan-Speak! Or at least we think so!

Few companies are able to change their official address without moving, or a street name being changed. But we have, as possibly the first company in the world (or at least we think so)!


For years, our main entrance was located on a different street from our official address, because our physical setup made this necessary. This could be confusing, so we bit the bullet and “moved”. As you’ll now notice, we’re found on N.C. Madsensvej 1, DK-6920 Videbaek, Denmark, instead of Stationsvej 5.


And the next time you visit us, tip your hat to N.C. Madsen, the entrepreneur who started loudspeaker manufacturing in Videbaek in 1933. Just drive up front like you always do, because we’re really right where we’ve always been.

Scan-Speak A/S
N.C. Madsensvej 1 - 6920 Videbæk - Denmark
Phone: +45 7028 1800 - info@scan-speak.dk


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