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October 22, 2009

Scan-Speak press release
Download PDF press release here.

Scan-Speak and Terma enter into cooperation on 3D-Audio for fighter aircraft.

Videbæk, 22 October 2009 - Today, Scan-Speak A/S at Videbæk entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with Danish defense and space group Terma A/S for the supply of quality loudspeakers for military aircraft and helicopters 3D-Audio systems.

In 2007, Scan-Speak and Terma entered into a contract for the supply of quality loudspeakers for Terma's 3D-Audio and Active Noise Reduction systems.

As the very first company in the world, Terma has developed an unexampled audio system for aircraft. The product contains two significant technologies which make the system unique compared to other solutions in the market: 3D-Audio and Active Noise Reduction.

The 3D-Audio system allows a pilot to quickly pinpoint the origination of a sound, horizontally and vertically, as well as determining how the sound source moves in relation to the pilot and his aircraft. This improves reaction time and thereby the possibility of avoiding the threat. Active Noise Reduction ensures the pilot an improved preception of what is being said in the various radio systems on board the aircraft. The reduced noise level in the cockpit decreases pilot fatigue. The product has been extensively tested by the Danish Air Force and is now ready for production and installation in the Danish F-16s. Further, the pilot helmets will be updated.

- It has been challenging and extremely valuable for Scan-Speak to cooperate with Terma on the further development of our unique loudspeaker products for use in fighter aircraft, says Managing Director, CEO Jan A. Nielsen, Scan-Speak.

- Terma is a professional company which places heavy requirements upon its suppliers. The process has been educational and marked by major constructiveness. It has strengthened our company - for instance within vital areas such as quality and requirements management, says Jan A. Nielsen.

- Terma places the same requirements on our cooperation partners which our customers place on us. In particular, Scan-Speak has demonstrated its willingness and ability to adapt to the specific requirements which must be observed as a supplier within the international defense industry. Combined with the company's expertise, this is a key reason why we enter into this strategic partnership today, says Vice President of Global Procurement Jan Sass Hvass, Terma A/S and continues:

- Close, long-term strategic partnerships with key suppliers will become even more important for Terma in the coming years. We have an international growth strategy which implies increased cooperation with partners and suppliers, who can contribute to Terma's growth and development via their expertise, says Jan Sass Hvass.

About Scan-Speak
Scan-Speak A/S develops and markets exclusive, quality transducers to the high-end audio segment. Scan-Speak's units are sold directly to a number of OEM/ODM customers and via a well-established network of distributors.

The company has a staff of approx. 40 people working at the Videbæk plant and an export share of approx 90 % to customers which include a number of significant and respected producers of loudspeakers for the home audio/video, professional, aftermarket automotive, and aerospace segments.

More information about Scan-Speak is available at www.scan-speak.dk

About Terma
The business activities of high-tech company Terma include products and systems for a number of non-defense, defense, and security applications, including command and control systems, radar systems, electronic warfare systems, space technology, and aeronautic structures for high-performance military aircraft.
Terma A/S is headquartered at Lystrup and maintains Danish departments at Herlev and Grenaa. The company realized 2008/09 sales of approximately USD 200 million with an export share of more than 80 %. Terma employs approximately 1,300 people worldwide and has operations in a number of European countries, Singapore and in the U.S.

For additional information about Terma, please visit www.terma.com

For further information, please contact:

Managing Director, CEO Jan A. Nielsen
T: +45 7028 1800
M: +45 2326 7397
E: jan@scan-speak.dk


Vice President, Corporate Communication
Kasper Rasmussen
T: +45 8743 6000
M: +45 2022 6091
E: kar@terma.com


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