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May 15th, 2009

Scan-Speak news letter
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Nice to see you again!

Even though we never really left you, all of us at Scan-Speak have just one thing to say: It's good to be back! As you may already know, Scan-Speak is once again in Danish hands, coming full-circle in connection with the recent buy-out of Tymphany. In April 2009, Scan-Speak management together with external investors, finalised the purchase of the company, re-establishing the name that has enjoyed so many good years on the transducer market.

Proudly promoting the Scan-Speak product programme is at the top of our to-do list. We're able to draw on the years of experience our staff has in creating hand-built transducers that deliver world-famous Danish sound quality.

The Scan-Speak newsletter is one of the channels that we'll be actively employing in the near future. We'll keep you up-to-date with stories on product launches, exhibition details, business developments, and more.

For further information on Scan-Speak, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail: jan@scan-speak.dk

Sincerely yours,
Jan Nielsen
Managing Director, CEO

The Discovery series

Scan-Speak expands our market offerings by providing a new entry point to our products, while still adhering to our commitment to creating the best transducers possible. This full-line product platform encompasses six variants of tweeters, three midrange drivers (both dome and cone variants), and woofers in four sizes with diameters between 15 - 26 cm. This wide selection of units lets you create a solution which can be customised according to your wishes.

This robust product line has been developed with performance in mind, with an outstanding linear frequency response and high sensitivity in focus during the design stages. Its construction shows that it's built to handle it, too: The woofers all use fibreglass cones and dust caps. These stiff and light membranes produce great sound.

Samples are available immediately after the High End 2009 Show and further information can be found at: www.scan-speak.dk


We've expanded the Illuminator series with several new products, including a number of " and 1" ring dome tweeters within the compact sized platform, plus 1" ring dome tweeters in the AirCirc platform.

We're furthermore introducing a completely new 4" midrange, based on the same product design as the larger-sized midwoofers.
This optimised midrange construction uses an underhung motor system, with a perfectly linear line drive force over a long stroke. It has a new unique one-piece cone/dust cap ensuring a very clean and clear midrange sound and it covers a wide frequency range, enabling it to also be considered a wideband unit.

We're also launching a 6" Illuminator woofer variant with an aluminium membrane. The aluminium cone has outstanding stiffness, providing very low distortion in its entire operating range when employed as a woofer.

See you at HIGH-END 2009

Munich, Germany, will once again be the centre of the high-end audio and video world at the end of May. Scan-Speak will of course be present, and look forward to meeting you there. You'll find us at Hall 4, Stand G12.

At the show, running from 21 to 24 May at the M.O.C., Scan-Speak will launch a new product line - Discovery - and several additions to the Illuminator product line. We look forward to seeing you there!


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