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January 16th, 2009

Dear Customer,

As one of our valued customers we would like to update you on the recent changes within Tymphany and Scan-Speak.

As announced earlier this month Scan-Speak is now a separate corporation located in Videbaek, Denmark.

Shortly our company name will change to Scan-Speak A/S and consequently all e-mail addresses will change to @scan-speak.dk and we will have a new web site www.scan-speak.dk. The company registration number (CVR/VAT no. 25304845) will remain the same, so you only need to change the company name in your vendor system.

Scan-Speak will continuously be dedicated to develop, design, manufacture and sell hand assembled high end quality transducers at our ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities in Videbaek.

The Scan-Speak product range will consist of the newly introduced Illuminator line and the well known Revelator and Classic products. Our manufacturing capabilities are 'at the edge' of what is possible today. Among Scan-Speak innovations are the SD and SD-1 magnet system patents, as well as special cone and suspension designs. These are exclusive for manufacturing in Denmark.

Scan-Speak will also continue to provide you with high end quality transducers manufactured in Videbaek using the shared technology with Tymphany. This technology contains, among others, products based on the well recognized Vifa brand including innovations as the non dome and facette diaphragm patents.

The entire Scan-Speak team will be delighted to serve and support you. Please contact our sales team: Jann U. Evers, Tel. +45 7028 1810 or e-mail jue@scan-speak.dk and Karen Marie Jessen, Tel. +45 7028 1818 or e-mail kmj@scan-speak.dk.

All at Scan-Speak look forward to developing our business relations with you and take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous New Year.

Sincerely yours,

Jan A. Nielsen
Managing Director, CEO


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