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 March 4. 2013: Great reviews of 32W/4878T00!
The new 13" Revelator subwoofer has been reviewed by German and American reviewers with excellent result! .......  Read more.

 January 2. 2013: Press release.
At Scan-Speak we continuously strive to improve and offer even better service and functionality to all our customers. We are therefore pleased to announce that the entire line of loudspeaker units within the Illuminator, Revelator, Classic and Discovery line now can be ordered directly from our online shop .......  Read more.

 October 5. 2012: Scan-Speak Newsletter.
World premiere: Scan-speak are launching two new Revelator products that will be presented to for the very first time at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. .......  Read more.

 July 6. 2012: Discovery Car Audio Set has been upgraded.
The 6" Discovery Car Audio Set 820013 has been upgraded with a new beautiful giftbox with photos, a content list and specifications .......  Read more.

 April 27. 2012: New Classic 6˝" Woofer: 18W/8545-01.
After almost 3 decades on the market Scan-Speak have upgraded the famous and beloved 18W/8545-00 Classic midwoofer .......  Read more.

 January 27. 2012: Scan-Speak To Assemble Moos Audio Loudspeakers in Denmark.
Moos Audio of Sydney, Australia, today announced a manufacturing partnership with Scan-Speak A/S of Videbæk, Denmark. Scan-Speak will assemble Moos loudspeakers in Denmark .......  Read more.

 September 5. 2011: New Scan-Speak distributor in Japan.
Scan-Speak has once again strengthen the network of worldwide distribution and we are pleased to introduce you to Rocky International Ltd .......  Read more.

 July 1. 2011: New Scan-Speak distributor in Australia and New Zealand .
Scan-Speak has further strengthen the network of worldwide distribution and we are pleased to introduce you to Speakerbits .......  Read more.

 June 22. 2011: New Scan-Speak distributor in Iran and Dubai.
We are proud to announce that we have appointed Fm-Audio in Tehran, Iran as official Scan-Speak distributor .......  Read more.

 May 2011: Scan-Speak Newsletter (PDF).
Read about our new 10” Discovery woofers and Scan-Speak at HIGH-END Munich, Germany ......  Read more.

 February 2011: Scan-Speak Newsletter (PDF).
Read about our new data sheet layout, Mr. Neville Thieles visit at Scan-Speak and the High-End show in Munich in this newsletter ......  Read more.

 February 2011: New Scan-Speak distributor in the Philippines.
We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Firland Audio in Quezon City, Philippines as new Scan-Speak distributor .......  Read more.

 November 2010: Audit by the Danish Working Environment Authority.
On October 28th, 2010 Scan-Speak was audited by the Danish Working Environment Authority. It was an unannounced audit, which served the purpose of controlling that Scan-Speak complies with the Danish Law on Health and Safety. In Scan-Speak, we pay great attention to the environment, and the audit was completed successfully without any remarks. Link:

 September 2010: Scan-Speak on live Danish television.
Watch how excellent transducers are hand built by craftsmen who cares. Scan-Speak A/S has recently been broadcasted to national television in a program called Steady Work (in Danish “Fast Arbejde”). You can watch the broadcast at this link where you will be able to see many of the people behind our great products. The program is unfortunately only in Danish, but you will still be able to watch interesting stuff.

 May 2010: Living in a memorable time (PDF).
It’s safe to say that we’re living in a memorable time. And we’re not only talking about a volcano disrupting air traffic over huge portions of Europe! For us at Scan-Speak, our year has been anything but overshadowed by massive dark clouds ......  Read more.

 October 22. 2009: Scan-Speak and Terma enter into cooperation (PDF).
Today, Scan-Speak A/S at Videbæk entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with Danish defense and space group Terma A/S for the supply of quality loudspeakers for military aircraft and helicopters 3D-Audio systems ......  Read more.

 May 15. 2009: Nice to see you again! (PDF).
Even though we never really left you, all of us at Scan-Speak have just one thing to say: It's good to be back! As you may already know, Scan-Speak is once again in Danish hands, coming full-circle in connection with the recent buy-out of Tymphany ......  Read more.

 April 21. 2009: Scan-Speak back in Danish hands (PDF).
I am pleased to announce that Scan-Speak is a Danish-owned company again. This became reality after a group of investors led by the local management and backed by a number of local financial partners bought the company off the previous owner Tymphany ......  Read more.

 April 9. 2009: Scan-Speak A/S acquired by management (PDF).
Tymphany Denmark A/S is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with the present management to acquire Scan-Speak A/S. The parties are working close together to finalize all details in the transaction and expect this to be completed by the end of April .....  Read more.

 January 16. 2009: Scan-Speak is now a separate corporation (PDF).
As announced earlier this month Scan-Speak is now a separate corporation located in Videbaek, Denmark. Shortly our company name will change to Scan-Speak A/S and consequently all e-mail addresses will change to @scan-speak.dk and we will have a new web site www.scan-speak.dk .....  Read more.


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